About Us

  • PHCSPlus is a fully integrated, world-class, at-home medical care provider. Since its inception in 2007, more than 8,000 patients have trusted us to deliver a variety of specialized services with a professional, yet personal, touch. Integrity is ingrained in our culture from leadership to patient care. More than 250 health agencies in the Chicagoland area refer PHCS Plus for their patients who require state-of-the-art, confidential, home-based treatment.
  • Our handpicked, fully vetted physicians are knowledgeable and skilled across a wide range of complex health issues. Equipped with the latest technology for Electronic Medical Records mobility (EMR), we utilize iPads with 4G in order to remain fully connected to a patient’s primary care physician and ensure ultimate security and confidentiality. PHCS Plus employs a solid administrative staff to help manage and coordinate all patient information and care.
  • Whether patients are in need of short-term rehabilitation or ongoing healthcare, our dynamic team provides strategic at-home medical solutions that empower patients and position them for positive outcomes. Our goal is to allow patients the freedom and contentment of living as healthy as possible in their homes and communities. We foster relationships with our patients, engage them in proactive health and well-being initiatives, and ensure continuity of care.