• Am I eligible for in home care?
  • Any patient who has difficulty leaving home unassisted for doctor’s office visits. Patients do not have to be bed-ridden.
  • How quickly can I see a doctor?
  • In most cases, PHCS Plus can schedule an initial appointment within 24-48 hours of your phone call.
  • What insurance do you accept?
  • We accept Medicare and all major insurances except Medicaid.
  • Will my insurance cover at home healthcare?
  • Insurance will cover in home care for patients who qualify. Just like an office visit to a physician, Medicare covers 80% of the allowed amount with the other 20% billed to the patient’s secondary insurer.
  • Is in home care offered on the weekend?
  • Yes. Weekend hours are available upon patient’s request.
  • How often does the doctor visit?
  • Your health care needs will be assessed at the initial visit. You will be seen as often as needed based on the health care plan created by your PHCS Plus Physician.
  • Do you make emergency house calls?
    Our care management helps prevent the need for urgent visits.
  • What are the doctor’s hours?
  • Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm.
  • Will I see the same doctor each visit?
  • Yes, in most cases.