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Our team is committed to providing the best possible at-home health care experiences to PHCS Plus patients. Our dedication spills over into community projects, academics, charities and more. Our physicians, healthcare partners and staff contribute to a variety of causes—both locally and globally—through volunteerism, fundraising and giving.





Please help Physician Home Care Services start the campaign Physicians For America

Physician Home Care Services began operations 7 years ago as a program of bringing doctors and their professional medical services to the homes of individuals considered to be home limited patients. The wonderful impact continuity of care and preventative care offers for the patients and their families is priceless. But we have gathered the data and there is evidence that this model of care can have a significant cost containment results for the health care industry as well as inspire and rejuvenate the practice of medicine.

Patients In Need

We believe no one is this great country should be restricted from quality medical care services especially individuals considered to be home limited. The feedback and results gathered in many ways have demonstrated the incredible impact we can have by closing the current medical care gap that exists across the U.S. for home limited patients.

Physicians For America is a concept and solution program we came up with after being a part of this healthcare sector for 7 years. Identifying the challenges for both the community in need and for healthcare as a whole we feel very confident a good solution is available.

Home based primary care services has demonstrated hospital readmissions as low as 3% when a doctor visits patients in a home after discharge. Compared to the national hospital readmission rate average of 17% to 21% across the U.S. With the average night in a hospital costing between $3K and $15K per night, the savings are significant with home based primary care services.

Physicians Career Pursuits In Decline

With most medical school students incurring a cost of $170K for their education, becoming a physician is one of the most fulfilling and yet expensive career paths to pursue. Combining reduced salaries along with overwhelming patient encounter schedules in most clinical settings, the pursuit of becoming a doctor even among those who have a passion to do so has been significantly diminishing across the country.

In the home based primary care model we have seen a wonderful solution to address the life balance challenge for physicians. Most physicians have a schedule and number of patients to be seen that is emblematic of providing quality medical services to the patients they serve and enjoying life in the best ways. The remaining challenge was to address the high cost associated with becoming the physician and finding an equation to cost containment for the healthcare as a whole.

The Formula For Success For Everyone

With a fulltime physician visiting 12 Patients a day providing home based primary care, their annual number of patient visits would be around 2880. We subtracted 4 weeks out for vacation/sick days and another 11 federal holidays and concluded annual patient visits of 2508. Then we calculated a 14% reduced hospital readmission rate which equaled a 351.12% based on the 2508 visits. So in our conclusion the annual savings a single physician can provide in health care costs at a minimum is $1,053,360.00 ($3K per night) and on the high side being a savings of $5, 266,800.00 per year ($15K per night).

The actual cost of the physician when combining a annual salary $180K plus medical school debt of $56K (divided by 3 years) would equal an annual government cost of $236K. While there would be some additional costs for labs, and some additional services, these additional services would also be charged in a hospital setting as well. But overall there would be a significant savings and we need to bring more doctors to the industry and provide a value added service to the community.

Physician Home Care Services Plus would collaborate with the American Academy of Home Care Medicine to put a plan together to present multiple value adds to the health care industry and organizations such as Medicare in launching a grant program called Physicians For America. This campaign can and will redefine medical care across the U.S. and our program is a prime example.

Physician Home Care Services Plus have applied to Chase Mission Street Grants and committed funds to launch this campaign. We need your help in reaching out to the panelists for the grant and have them please give this plan and its impact serious and strong considerations.

Senior Expo August 2013

Rosalind Franklin University Partnership

PHCS Plus is partnering with Rosalind Franklin University. Our mentoring and protégé programs allow for their physician assistant students to understand and learn more about home health sector and pursue a career that will make a positive difference in the community.